Markus Exenberger, the Executive Director of the H2 Global Foundation has agreed to speak at the Towards A European Hydrogen Market Conference in Edinburgh on Wednesday 17 May 2023. The H2 Global Foundation has recently been established in Hamburg by the German Federal Government. The Conference will examine the creation of a European hydrogen Market and the role of hydrogen imports of exports in the North Sea Region/

H2 Global’s Mission is to “to accelerate the emergence of supply and demand markets for green hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) products in Europe and globally.” It is a business led organisation that has been granted €900 million by the German Government and will organise green hydrogen auctions. the aim is to conclude long term purchase agreements for green hydrogen and its derivatives such as ammonia and methanol.

A Press Release in December 2022 from the Federal German Government stressed the importance for imports of hydrogen and stated:

“A competitive bidding procedure will enable HINT.CO, an intermediary (of H2 Global)to purchase hydrogen derivatives at the lowest possible price in contracts lasting ten years. The large purchase contracts incentivise investment in renewable energy and the production of hydrogen-based ammonia, methanol and sustainable aviation fuel (eSAF). The production must take place outside the EU and EFTA. The import prices are set via a transparent international competitive bidding procedure.

The first deliveries of these sustainable hydrogen derivatives to Germany and Europe are scheduled for the end of 2024. The H2 Global auction process is the first global bidding procedure for the purchase of hydrogen and its derivatives. It will identify the world’s first market price for green hydrogen and its tradable derivatives.”

The German Government is planning to commit a further € 3.5 billion to cover more auctions up to 2035, but there will need to be changes to State Aid rules to allow this to happen. The European Union is also planning to create a hydrogen auction in autumn 2023. The expenditure will largely cover the difference between the cost of buying green hydrogen and selling it onto end-users. So, it is in essence a siubsidy scheme.

The European Union is also planning to create a hydrogen auction in autumn 2023 using the same principles and covering ten year contracts. The European Commission is planning to use €800 million for the Innovation Fund. The exact terms and conditions of the auction will be published next month and it seems that hydrogen auctions will become the responsibility of the newly formed European Hydrogen BanK.

Markus Exenberger will bring us up to date with recent developments when he speaks to the Conference.

The “Towards a European Hydrogen Market Conference: Import and Export of Hydrogen in the North Sea Region” Conference in Edinburgh on 17 May 2023.  To book a place or for further details, please go to the European Policy Solutions website and follow the seminars link.